Fond of pixel perfect user interfaces, I am always looking for the best user experience. At the same time, I pay attention to detail in creating sustainable, easy to read and testable source codes.
In our ever changing world, I am continuously improving my skills in order to be an iOS lead developer.

I have a versatile profile since I have worked both at an agency and a startup. I am autonomous and independent and have contributed to the evolution of an iOS library. Structured and organized, I know how to prioritize tasks entrusted to me and can respect deadlines. At the same time rigorous, I am used to writing unit tests.

You want to know more about my personality, discover my passions.


I love music, I am a jazz, funk and hip-hop fan. I spend time on YouTube looking for good sound.


I am keen on high-technologies. Everyday I read tech news on iGeneration.


I love traveling and discovering the world. Since August 2017 I live in Berlin. I have traveled in Europe and I was lucky to stay two months in Canada for a summer job. I have been involved in a humanitarian mission in Morocco during 2008 summer. I am French, I speak fluent english.


Sport is one of my passions. I was selected for the pre-France championship qualification in athletics (long jump). I have been handball team captain for three years. Currently, I often play soccer.


  • 2020
  • iOS developer, equensWorldline, Lyon - France.

    September 2019 - Now

    Mes Comptes BNP Paribas and Hello bank! development.

    Swift 5, MVVM, RxSwift, Generics, Cocoa Touch, Carthage, Swinject, Sourcery
    Zeplin, Scrum, JIRA

  • 2019
  • iOS developer, Neofonie Mobile, Berlin - Germany.

    August 2017 - August 2019

    ADAC Pannenhilfe application development. It is a breakdown assistance application.
    • ADAC Mobility application development.
    • CI / CD infrastructure setup.

    Swift 5, Clean Swift, RxSwift, XCTest, Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, Xcode 10, Alamofire, Core Location, Fabric, SwiftyJSON, Couchbase Lite, UserNotifications, Webtrekk, GitLab, Fastlane, SonarQube, SwiftLint
    Zeplin, Scrum, JIRA

  • 2017
  • iOS developer, Youmiam, Paris – France.

    September 2016 - January 2017

    Youmiam is a fresh cooking application used by 800 000 users in the world (100 000 monthly active users). It accompanies users each day to find great foolproof recipes.

    Integrated to an agile team composed of three iOS developers, my main mission was to develop iPhone and iPad applications (in Objective-C), by integrating new features, unit tests (in Swift) and fixing bugs. This experience allowed me to improve my knowledge of iOS and Cocoa frameworks. I used MVVM design pattern that improves scalability, maintenance and tests. Nevertheless, every new feature was unit tested.
    Moreover, I contributed to improving an iOS library that handled empty screens.
    By working in a product team with back end developers and a product owner, I brought my sensibility to the user experience, tracking (with Appboy and Mixpanel) and deep linking (with Branch).
    In this project we worked with Git Flow and SourceTree.
    This experience improved my rigor thanks to code review and pair programming. In addition, I learned to better prioritize to do tasks.

    Youmiam is my first experience at a startup. Youmiam is booming and has received awards (yearly Apple award). I am proud to have worked for this startup.

    Objective-C / Swift, Xcode 8, MVVM, XCTest, Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, Key-Value Observing, Realm
    Appboy, Branch, Fabric, Mixpanel
    Scrum, Trello

  • 2016
  • Master’s Degree - Mobile Application Development, Supdeweb Paris – France.

    September 2014 - August 2016
  • iOS / Android developer, Bemobee, Boulogne-Billancourt – France.

    September 2014 - August 2016

    iOS / Android developer in a mobile agency, I worked with UX / UI designers, project leaders and web developers.

    Objective-C, Apple in-app purchase, Apple Push Notification, Augmented reality, Android SDK, Java, Bluetooth, NFC

  • 2014
  • Android & web developer, CMRP, Montargis – France.

    February - June 2014
    • Selfone Android application development.
      Java, Android SDK, PHP5, SQLite ; Eclipse, phpMyAdmin
    • Web development.
      HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, jQuery, Bootstrap 3 ; Sublime Text 2, Gimp 2.
    • Blog creation.
    • Emailing campaign (HTML5 ; Sublime Text 2).
    • Selfserveur SEO campaign.
  • Bachelor's degree in web and mobile development, Orléans – France.

    September 2013 - June 2014

    Knowledge and management of the main tasks of developing a website. From initial specifications to hosting and installation through analysis, establishment of databases, decision in charge of accessibility, ergonomics and integration constraints. Implementation of distributed applications and protection and security systems for web applications and networks. Basic knowledge to manage a network.

  • 2013
  • Two-year technical diploma in electrical engineering and industrial computing, Chartres – France.

    September 2011 - June 2013

    Study, design and construction of electrical, electronic and computer systems.

  • .NET developer, Alstef, Boigny-sur-Bionne – France.

    April - June 2013

    - BAGXpress® (automatic baggage drop-off) scanner and printer simulators interfaces development (.NET Framework 4.0, WCF/WPF, C#, VisualBasic 6 / VisualBasic .NET ; Visual Studio 2010, AnkhSVN).
    - Allows to increase software development independently of hardware. Thus, the company doesn't waste money on obsolete hardware. Besides, developers don't waste time due to hardware failures and don't need the entire system to work. To sum-up, simulators bring flexibility.

    .NET Framework 4.0, WCF / WPF, C#, VisualBasic 6 / VisualBasic .NET ; Visual Studio 2010, AnkhSVN.
  • 2011
  • Projects

    • Bank web GUI
      Rights and permissions management
      XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, SQL ; phpMyAdmin, Dreamweaver CS4.
    • Yahtzee
      Java ; Eclipse.
    • Strategy game GUI
      Units (tanks, marines, snipers) and grounds (low lands, forests, mountains) management.
      Java ; NetBeans, SVN.
  • University Bachelor's degree in IT, Orléans – France.

    September 2009 - May 2011

    By the end of the second year, due to the lack of specific points, I redirected to a two-year technical diploma.

  • 2009
  • High-school diploma in mathematics, with distinction, J. Monod high-school, Saint-Jean-de-Braye – France.

    June 2009


  • Boxotop iOS

    Boxotop iOS - side project

    Open source application providing information about movies in theatres

    GitHub repository
  • Hello bank! iOS

    Hello bank! iOS

    Banking application

    App Store
  • Mes Comptes BNP Paribas iOS

    Mes Comptes BNP Paribas iOS

    Banking application

    App Store
  • ADAC Pannenhilfe iOS

    ADAC Pannenhilfe iOS

    Breakdown assistance application

    App Store
  • Youmiam iOS

    Youmiam iOS

    Cooking application

    App Store
  • Garnier ColorMe iOS

    Garnier ColorMe iOS

  • The Cellar by Pernod Ricard iOS Android

    The Cellar by Pernod Ricard iOS / Android

    App Store


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